Space is one of our favourites topics here at Apanona. Didn’t you noticed it? Ha ha!

One of the first costumes of my daughter Martina was an astronaut suit and a helmet. Look at her, she was so lovely… 


And, as you can see, I make space themed drawings anytime I can 🙂 Space definitely one of our best inspiration source ever.

So, when I noticed that this week was dedicated to space by the United Nations (from 4th to 10th october), I decided to draw some of our favourites space planets and phenomenons: Saturn, black holes and pulsars…   I’ve been publishing almost every day about one space item (can see all of them by clicking here or here), and today’s drawing is dedicated to Hubble space telescope.

Hubble space telescope on a Extreme deep field caption of the universe.

I know… Maybe this is not my cutest drawing, but this I love it! This telescope (it is about to get retired very soon) has been offering us, since the very first day, awesome and unique images from unexplored parts of the universe. Here are some of these absolutely amazing images. Click to enlarge and enjoy these universal wonders!

Star cluster Pismis 24



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