Drawing inspired by photographs of Li Mengyu, a little girl about 6 years in summer. His mother or father took her beautiful pictures ( I could not find the name of the author of the pictures) and wrote these beautiful words:

One afternoon after it rained, the air was moist and fresh. Grandma took a fan and walked slowly into the yard, telling me that today’s cucumber is very crisp and sweet. The clouds across the field, the rustling leaves, the raindrops left on the treetops, and the melon that is about to mature when you look up, all make people happy. I secretly wore Grandpa’s straw hat and strode towards the vegetable field. It turns out that the fruits are so heavy and big. There is also an endless lotus pond, verdant and full, this year’s lotus roots will definitely have a good harvest. I happily greeted the uncle who came from the other side, and he gave me a big lotus leaf, saying that making lotus leaf rice is fragrant! At this moment, the little frog quacked, and I also giggled and bloomed. The wind of midsummer lived in my heart with the fragrance of lotus leaves. And these six-year-old little fortunate ~ Li Mengyu’s summer, I only told you quietly… {Thanks for growing up with me @李梦鱼}

The Pictures of Li Mengyu Summer day, here.