October 8, 2015

Space is one of our favourites topics here at Apanona. Didn’t you noticed it? Ha ha! One of the first costumes of my daughter Martina was an astronaut suit and a helmet. Look at her, she was so lovely…  And, as you can see, I make space themed drawings anytime I can 🙂 Space definitely one of…


September 22, 2015

¡Por fin! Hemos resuelto los problemas técnicos que teníamos con la web y ¡ya está funcionando al 100%! ¡Qué alegría! Hemos estado un mes trabajando a contrarreloj para poder tener la web lista en las primeras semanas de septiembre. Ha sido como una larga carrera de obstáculos que hemos ido salvando con constancia y perseverancia,…


September 16, 2015

  Since some days ago I’m filling Apanona’s instagram feed with images of some of the children’s illustrators I admire the most. There are new and old ones. And, obviously, there are a thousand more that I admire. But I wanted to start this new stage at Apanona surrounded by all these artists that captures…