Laia Arriols Gisbert

Illustrator and owner at Apanona

Tenderness is the perfect combination of love and kindness. I think this is a very accurate definition to my approach to illustration. I make soft and gentle drawings than can help to soften the world and fill it with beauty.

Passionate about illustration, I am constantly looking for new opportunities to express my creativity and bring ideas to life through images. With more than 10 years of experience as an illustrator, I have collaborated with various clients and companies, offering unique and attractive visual solutions for their design needs.

The birth of my daughters reconnected with my own childhood and also with creative expression, an aspect in a kind of hibernation state until then. In 2008 I started Apanona, a personal project that wanted to aim through illustration, photography and graphic design, the great source of inspiration and creativity that evokes me childhood.
My work
I’m a self taught illustrator and I use digital techniques in 99% of my work. I love typography, colors, textures, silhouettes and style of 60’s and 80’s: two radically different decades! I get inspired by my everyday life: family, friends, music, art, movies, cartoons and children’s world in general.
Oh, in case you’re wondering what does Apanona means: Apanona is how my elder daughter said «butterfly» (“papallona” in Catalan) when she was two. I found this name very sweet to create things around a child’s world.
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